Tuesday, February 26th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mario Baldi releases Edge Flow 2.0 for Modo

Goodbye Kansas Studios senior character artist Mario Baldi has released Edge Flow 2.0, the latest version of his popular topology add-on for Modo.

Relax selected edge loops to create clean, animation-ready topology
First released last year, Edge Flow is designed to provide similar functionality to Maya’s Edit Edge Flow tool.

Users can ‘relax’ selected edge loops, automatically evening out their spacing and reducing unnecessary curvature, helping to create clean, animation-ready topology.

Edge Flow 2.0 improves performance and the quality of the topology generated from more complex geometry, and adds a new Arc mode designed to preserve volume on curved surfaces.

The toolset is also now available as an operator within Modo, which makes it possible to adjust topology interactively via a set of viewport sliders.

You can see more videos of the new features in the official support thread on Foundry’s forum.

Pricing and system requirements
Edge Flow 2.0 is available for Modo 12+ on Windows and Mac OS X. It costs €14 (around $16).

Read more about the new features in Edge Flow 2.0 in the official support thread

Download Edge Flow 2.0 from Mario Baldi’s Gumroad store