Friday, January 18th, 2019 Posted by Jim Thacker

Neat free tool Origami creates low-poly geometry inside Nuke

Compositor Mark Joey Tang has released Origami, an interesting free Nuke script that generates low-poly geometry from a high-poly model or point cloud.

Create patches or scatter objects from hi-res source models, or rebuild 3D scan data
To use Origami, an artist links the source geometry to a Nuke primitive, which Origami then converts into a low-poly representation of the source.

It works with animated geometry, and with multiple source objects.

Tang, whose resume includes work at Atomic Fiction, Method Studios and Scanline VFX, says that Origami began as a “just for fun” tool, but has since been rebuilt for practical work.

Possible use cases include generating geometry patches for camera projection, creating lightweight versions of 3D assets for scattering, and meshing or simplifying scan data.

It can even be used to add effects elements to a shot, like the strings of saliva shown on the animated dinosaur at 05:35 in the video above.

System requirements
Origami is compatible with Nuke 10.0 and above, on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. It’s a free download.

Download Origami from Nukepedia

Find more free Nuke tools on Mark Joey Tang’s Facebook page

Hat tip to Lester Banks for spotting this story.