Tuesday, November 27th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Abvent ships Artlantis 2019

Abvent has released Artlantis 2019, the latest version of its architectural rendering software, adding a new site insertion tool and an automatic exposure system, and updating the vegetation tool.

The release – the second this year, following Artlantis 7 in May – marks a change of version numbering for the software, and unifies the old Render and Studio editions into a single product.

New site insertion and auto-exposure systems, updated vegetation tool
Artlantis 2019 introduces a new site insertion tool, streamlining the process of matching architectural models to a photographic background plate.

There is also an automatic exposure system, enabling users to adjust the exposure of a render via a slider.

The vegetation tool, shown in the video above, has been updated, making it possible to select zones within a plan view of a site to populate automatically with plants.

The accompanying ‘media catalog’ of readymade assets has also been updated, now “including realistic 3D grass [and] a wide variety of characters and vehicles”.

Now available in a single edition, but Twinlinker becomes a separate purchase
The 2019 release unifies the old €500 Render and €990 Studio editions of Artlantis into a single new edition, priced at €650.

Abvent’s Twinlinker web app, designed for creating and sharing ‘virtual visits’ of architectural scenes online, has also now become a separate purchase.

Artlantis 7 users previously got 12 months’ access to the Extended edition of the service, although the basic edition remains free to all users of Artlantis and its sister product Twinmotion.

Pricing and availability
Artlantis 2019 is available for Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.8.5+. New licences of Artlantis itself cost €650 (around $735); new licences of Twinlinker cost €468 ($530).

Read a list of new features in Artlantis 2019 on Abvent’s website