Friday, December 22nd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Isotropix shakes up pricing for Clarisse

Isotropix’s teaser for Clarisse. The firm has just updated its pricing structure for the 2D/3D rendering system, dropping the old CRender command-line edition and reducing the price of floating licences.

Isotropix has updated the pricing structure of Clarisse, its 2D/3D rendering system, dropping one of the two command-line editions of the software and reducing the cost of floating licences.

The company has also introduced new educational discounts and rental pricing.

Command-line edition CRender discontinued immediately
The new pricing structure removes CRender, the old command-line version of Clarisse, in favour of the more powerful CNode, which costs $899 for a floating licence.

Bugfixes and patches will continue to be released for CRender until Clarisse 4.0, after which existing users will have to upgrade to CNode at “very competitive” rates.

Nodelocked licences now only available as single seats; cost of floating licences down $299
The change also rebrands the old discount available on the first nodelocked seat of Clarisse itself as ‘Clarisse for Indies’. The MSRP remains unchanged at $999, although you get $300 off until 8 January 2018.

Whereas additional seats of Clarisse used to cost $1,998 per nodelocked licence and $3,198 per floating licence, you can now only buy floating licences, although the price has been cut to $2,899.

Educational licences of Clarisse now cost between $59/year and 199/year, depending on whether you’re a student, teacher or college.

When renting commercial licences, Clarisse itself costs $389 for 30 days or $959 for 90 days; while CNode costs between $39 for seven days and $279 for 90 days.

All of the prices include maintenance. You can find full details via the link below.

Find full details of the new pricing options for Clarisse and CNode on Isotropix’s website