Monday, September 4th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

BitConfused launches Cage v3

BitConfused has launched version 3 of Cage, its online platform for managing creative projects.

The update rewrites the code base and introduces a range of new tools intended to make Cage an all-in-one solution for production tracking, asset management and review when working on 2D projects.

An established, client-friendly solution for project management
Launched in 2012, Cage is designed as an intuitive system for project management, with a user base that includes the Jim Henson Company and Foundry, which uses it for its video documentation.

Creative Bloq included it in its 2014 round-up of the best five tools for production tracking, describing it as “hard to beat” for smaller-scale projects, and noting that it is especially popular with clients.

Cage v3: new tools for asset management and review
The latest update positions Cage as an all-in-on solution for collaboration and shot review.

“While version 2 of Cage had collaboration based around files, that was really it,” said BitConfused CEO Sandip Patel. “The new version has been re-thought … to start and complete a project all in one place.”

The platform now provides key features including tasks, permissions management, asset versioning, and a resolvable comments system, including new annotation tools for sketching directly onto media.

There are also some nice usability features, including a range of readymade presentations for use when sharing files with clients or teams for review.

While Cage doesn’t currently support 3D assets, it is compatible with standard 2D image and video formats, with Patel emphasising its suitability for concept art, animatics, trailers and marketing assets.

“While [your] entire film may not be produced in Cage, there are several parts [of the production process] that could and would be great for it,” he said.

Availability and pricing
Cage v3 is available now. Pricing starts at $25/month for teams of two, including 250GB of online storage and support for unlimited projects and reviewers.

There are also dedicated subscription types for teams of 10, 30 and unlimited size, reducing total costs for large and medium-sized teams.

Read more about Cage on the product website