Monday, August 6th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

5th Kind announces VFX Data Wrangler app

5th Kind will be showing updates to its asset-management system at Siggraph, including its new VFX Data Wrangler tool for logging shot data on set.

5th Kind has unveiled the VFX Data Wrangler, a new tool for logging shot data on set for use with the company’s asset-management system.

The VFX Data Wrangler, which runs on both iOS and Android tablets, will be on show at Siggraph 2012, alongside new asset viewing and approval tools in the asset manager itself.

5th Kind™, an industry leader in studio and production asset management and collaborative work?ow software, will demonstrate at SIGGRAPH their asset review and approval features and announce their on-set VFX Data Wrangler for tablet devices. 5th Kind will be exhibiting at the SIGGRAPH conference (Booth #1153) at the Los Angeles Convention Center from August 7-9, 2012.

5th Kind will highlight their secure asset review and approval tools including visual and audio, frame and page-speci?c annotations for over 50 video codecs, 250 image formats and 10 document formats, including PDFs. These features are natively integrated within the asset management system and accessed through a desktop web browser and on mobile and tablet devices. An in-system, instant messenger allows for real-time collaboration, while integrated drawing, text, annotations and voice message tools enhance collaborative review and version tracking work?ows.

Security is paramount to 5th Kind’s service, and all ?les within the system are automatically watermarked on-the-?y with each user’s name, and tracked for all user actions affecting assets.
Mobile and tablet device viewing is supported for devices like iPads, iPhones and Androids, providing streamlined review features such as swiping up or down to approve or reject an asset.
There’s no need to purchase a separate offering as all review features are part of the asset system.

5th Kind enhances their work?ow solutions with their newest tool for on-set VFX teams: the VFX Data Wrangler. The Data Wrangler can be used on any mobile tablet such as an iPad to enter lens, camera, lighting and other information pertinent to VFX work?ows. The information captured will then be automatically ingested into the larger 5th Kind asset management system for association with assets and shots, and immediately available to any CG companies working on the production.

5th Kind’s SIGGRAPH presentation will also demonstrate their new 3D model viewer, providing smooth shade views of CG models within the system. Once ingested, 5th Kind’s viewer will allow the models to be opened, spun and lit for streamlined review.

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