Monday, July 17th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Tim Catalano releases AdvArray for 3ds Max

3D generalist and tools developer Tim Catalano has released AdvArray, an advanced parametric array modifier for 3ds Max.

The add-on takes a source mesh and instances it to create a three-dimensional array of objects, suitable for use in illustration or motion graphics work.

A parametric array modifier with some interesting control options
According to Catalano, AdvArray “fills [the] void” in 3ds Max for a parametric array modifier, and includes “advanced array features … that cannot be found in other third-party modifiers”.

As well as standard array properties like Count, Offset and transform properties, the modifier includes an Oscillate panel for generating sine waves and other curves, plus path-following and noise options.

Properties of an array can be set numerically, or visually, using a set of built-in gizmos.

AdvArray works with any 3ds Max object type that can be converted to a mesh, and includes built-in Material ID functionality, making it possible to control the way materials are varied across the instances.

Pricing and availability
AdvArray is available for 3ds Max 2016 and above. It costs $25.

Read more about AdvArray in Autodesk’s App Store

Read a full list of features in AdvArray in the modifier’s online documentation