Friday, July 14th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Lily & Snout – the “world’s first WebVR short”

Sketchfab has released Lily & Snout, the “world’s first WebVR short” – a 360-degree CG animation designed to showcase the online 3D model-sharing platform‘s new audio support.

The animation was produced by former Pixar animator Bobby Beck and directed by Studio Soi’s Tim Rudder.

A 90-second animated demo for Sketchfab’s new 2D and 3D audio features
The 90-second short – a brief snapshot in the life of a girl and her pet dragon – uses Sketchfab’s new audio features both for the soundtrack and positional sounds, the latter helping the viewer know where to look.

It was created over a period of eight weeks in partnership with new online collaboration platform Artella, and produced by Artella founder and former Disney and Pixar animator Bobby Beck.

The short was directed Tim Rudder, currently with German commercials specialist Studio Soi – itself responsible for some similarly charming cartoon work.

The audio toolset is also now available publicly to Sketchfab users, with The British Museum already having updated the online models of several of its artefacts to include voiceovers.

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