Sunday, June 4th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Midge Sinnaeve’s free 8K landscape texture pack

Artist and tools developer Midge Sinnaeve has released a free pack of high-resolution landscape textures and corresponding OBJ terrain meshes.

There are 10 landscapes in total, ranging from islands to mountain ranges.

The files, which were created in World Machine – the source project files are also available – include displacement maps, flow masks, height masks and normal maps, all supplied at 8K resolution.

Comes with bonus OBJ meshes and Blender scene files
In addition, Sinnaeve has also provided “fairly high-resolution” meshes generated from the texture maps, supplied in OBJ format; and a set of example scenes showing how the maps can be used in Blender.

All of the files are licensed under a CC0 licence, making it possible to use them in commercial works.

Read more about the free Landscape Pack on Midge Sinnaeve’s website
(Includes download link)