Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ten24 launches Anatomy 360

3D scanning specialist Ten24 has launched Anatomy 360, its next-gen anatomy reference app, enabling artists to work from detailed 3D scans of male and female actors with custom camera positions and lighting.

The tool comes with some nice testimonials from leading artists, including one from God of War senior character artist Glauco Longhi, who says that it will “revolutionise the way we study and use reference”.

Work from detailed 3D scans of actors, with custom lighting and rendering
Although we’ve referred to Anatomy 360 as an app, it’s really a series of apps: the new Anatomy 360 site sells a series of content packs, each one containing cleaned 3D scans of a single actor in a range of poses.

Installing one of the packs lets you select a pose, position the camera in 3D space to match the image you’re creating, and set up a suitable background and lighting scheme for the character.

The lighting controls use a simple, slider-based interface, and there are a range of common presets, including rim lighting and a silhouette display.

The figure can also be viewed in Sketch Mode, which shows only its outline, and which creates some interesting effects when overlaid on the standard display or an occlusion render.

Characters can also be viewed against a 2D background grid, or a 3D perspective grid, which effectively displays the grid on the model’s bounding box.

Pricing and availability
Anatomy 360 content is available for 64-bit Windows 7 and above and Mac OS X 10.10.3 and above: so far, the only tablets it works on are those like the Surface Pro that run standard desktop operating systems.

Ten24 also says that it is working on touchscreen support.

There are currently six individual content packs, covering clothed and unclothed male and female figures. Pricing starts at £9.99 (around $13) for a private use licence or £32.99 ($43) for a commercial licence.

Read more about Anatomy 360 on Ten24’s product website