Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Project Dogwaffle teams ships PD Artist 11

The Project Dogwaffle team has released PD Artist 11, the latest update to its low-cost digital paint package, extending its Puppy Ray renderer, and adding a new floating colour picker and interactive gradient tool.

The software is a cut-down version of Howler, the developers’ VFX-friendly paint tool, lacking its sibling’s animation tools.

Updates to Puppy Ray, new colour picker and gradient editing tool
New features in PD Artist 11 include an update to the built-in Puppy Ray renderer, aimed at generating procedural landscapes, adding a visible sun, and a water plane with ripples, reflections and refraction.

There is also a new adjustable gradient tool for editing colour gradients interactively in the viewport, and a new resizeable floating colour picker, shown in the video above.

You can read about all three features in more detail in our original story on Howler 11, and find a full list of new features in PD Artist 11 via the link at the foot of this story.

Pricing and availability
PD Artist 11 is available for Windows 7 and above. A new licence costs $20 if you buy it via this website.

Read more about the new features in PD Artist 11 on the product website