Tuesday, December 20th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mekajiki releases new $99 storyboard tool Boardfish

Mekajiki has released Boardfish, a new Mac-only storyboarding application derived from the in-house tools of San Francisco-based motion design firm Swordfish, its sister company.

A streamlined application for laying out storyboards
Boardfish enables users to lay out storyboards by dragging and dropping images into preset templates.

Each storyboard panel comes with labels for panel numbers and scene/shot numbers, and can be assigned up to four captions, positioned on any side of the image.

Panels can be deleted, hidden or dragged to rearrange the order, with the layout reflowing automatically.

As well as the standard grid view, there is an outline view – a single scrolling vertical column showing all of the panels – plus an Inspector panel containing layout and formatting tools.

And that’s it. It looks an intentionally streamlined application.

Pricing and availability
Boardfish is available for Mac OS X 10.7+ only. It costs $99, and there’s a free trial version.

Read a full list of features in Boardfish on the product website