Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Wipster releases Wipster Review Panel for AE

Wipster has launched Wipster Review Panel, its intuitive integrated shot-review system, for After Effects, enabling users to share videos for review directly from within the software.

The add-on was previously only available for Premiere Pro.

A streamlined system for shot review
Designed to provide an intuitive, streamlined system for shot review, Wipster Review Panel enables users to render the current version of a job and share it with selected reviewers via Wipster’s online platform.

Reviewers’ comments are shown as markers in the timeline, and automatically converted into a to-do list.

To judge from the demo video above, reviewers can’t annotate video frames directly, but it looks a simple way to collect feedback on projects that don’t require a review solution of the scope of ftrack or Shotgun.

Pricing and availability
Wipster Review Panel is available for After Effects CC 2014+ and Premiere Pro CC 2015+ on Windows and Mac.

The panel itself is a free download, but to make use of it, you’ll need to sign up for a Video Pro account, which costs $15/user/month. Reviewers don’t need to be registered for an account to review videos.

There is also a separate integration of the system with Vimeo which doesn’t require a paid account.

Read more about Wipster Review Panel for After Effects on Wipster’s blog

Download Wipster Review Panel