Sunday, November 20th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Ten24’s free full body 3D scan of a male figure


Ten24 founder James Busby has released a free full-body 3D scan of a male bodybuilder as part of a new tutorial on retopologising scan data, posted on the firm’s 3D Scan Store site.

Read a detailed guide to retopologising 3D scan data with ZBrush and Wrap
In the tutorial, Busby discusses the process of cleaning up the raw scan of the bodybuilder using ZBrush and Wrap 3, R3DS’s recently released tool for processing scan data.

The software is designed to convert raw scans of actors into production-ready characters sharing common topology and texture coordinates, and includes tools for decimation, mesh filtering and texture projection.

Busby describes the tool, which is available for Windows and Linux, and costs $370, as a “must-have when working with scan data”.

“Quick and easy retopology using a good base mesh makes cleanup and editing so much easier compared to working with ZRemeshed or DynaMeshed objects [generated with ZBrush’s native tools],” he says.

The tutorial describes the process of retopologising the scan data and baking textures in detail, with lots of nice images and a supporting video.

Download the raw scan and retopologised model in ZTL format, with textures
The scan itself is provided in ZBrush’s native ZTL format with two SubTools: one comprising the raw data, and the other the retopologised model that Busby creates over the course of the tutorial.

The ZTL file includes applied image maps of both the raw scan’s UV texture and the baked texture generated in Wrap 3. Each has a resolution of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels.

Busby notes that the file is a “fairly low-resolution scan created purely for reference purposes, [so] there may be some texture artefacts and errors in areas of occlusion”.

The file is a 374MB download, and requires ZBrush 4R7.

Read James Busby’s tutorial on retopologising 3D scan data with ZBrush and Wrap 3

Download the free 3D scan of a male bodybuilder from Ten24’s 3D Scan Store