Monday, February 15th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Imagineer Systems ships MochaBlend C4D

Imagineer Systems has released MochaBlend C4D, a new plugin that converts 2D tracking data from the company’s mocha planar tracker into 3D data within Cinema 4D.

The tool was developed by Good Spirit Graphics, previously better known for its Blender add-ons, but is available directly from Imagineer Systems’ website.

Convert 2D solves into 3D motion within Cinema 4D
MochaBlend C4D converts a mocha solve into a 3D solve within Cinema 4D, enabling tracked footage to interact more convincingly with 3D objects.

It works with both Perspective and non-Perspective tracks, and can create both camera and object solves.

The plugin also has a roto to geometry toolset, which converts roto splines generated in mocha into animated geometry inside Cinema 4D. Different roto layers can be given different depth values in C4D.

The geometry is just a simple extrusion, but that’s enough for it to interact convincingly with simulations: the video above shows a rotoscoped character displacing smoke generated by fluid simulator TurbulenceFD.

The plugin also includes an After Effects exporter to export animated masks from AE to Cinema 4D.

Pricing and availability
MochaBlend C4D is available for Cinema 4D R14 and above, on Windows and Mac OS X. It costs $250.

The cut-down mocha AE, bundled free with After Effects, will import 2D tracks, but you’ll need the commercial editions of the software, mocha Plus and mocha Pro, to import masks or generate 3D camera solves.

Read more about MochaBlend C4D on Imagineer Systems’ website

See more videos of the plugin’s features in action