Tuesday, January 14th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Imagineer Systems and CoreMelt release TrackX

Imagineer Systems and CoreMelt have released TrackX, a new planar motion-tracking system for Final Cut Pro X.

Like roto-masking tool SliceX, released at NAB last year, the software is powered by Imagineer Systems’ Academy Award-winning mocha tracking technology.

Simple, in-editor tracking
TrackX comes as three separate plugins: a Simple Tracker for effects like floating lower thirds; Track Layer for more complex perspective shifts; and Track Text for text generation.

It won’t replace mocha itself, or any other dedicated tracking package – it’s intended for simple tasks like screen inserts and sky replacements – but it has the advantage of being integrated directly into FCP.

Plus, it’s cheap: $99 for a new licence, or $49 if you already own SliceX. You’ll need a system capable of running Final Cut Pro X, obviously.

Read more about TrackX on Imagineer Systems’ website