Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Allegorithmic launches Substance Share

Allegorithmic has officially launched Substance Share, its online platform for artists to share CG assets: in particular, materials created in its texturing tools Substance Designer and Substance Painter.

Announced earlier this year, the site currently contains just under 200 assets to download, all distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International licence.

The licence terms permit the assets to be used in commercial projects, but means that any works created using the assets must also be distributed under the same licence.

Materials and shaders for Substance users, plus meshes and brushes for anyone
Users of Substance Designer and Substance Painter will be able to upload or download assets from Substance Share from directly within the software.

So far, most of the assets on the site are specifically for use in the Substance tools, including materials, shaders, filters and add-ons.

However, Substance Share also contains assets that are usable in any CG application, such as brushes, images and meshes – the latter including this rather nice model of Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit in FBX format.

Users of non-Allegorithmic software just need an account on to access the assets.

Visit Substance Share online