Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Shotgun pricing down; will soon also include RV

Shotgun 5.4 in action. Shotgun Software has just updated its pricing model, reducing the cost of a subscription to $30/month for users who only want online support, and throwing in the RV image viewer.

Shotgun Software has announced a new pricing model, making Shotgun, its industry-standard production-tracking and asset-management system, available for $30/month, providing you only want online support.

A Shotgun subscription previously cost $49/month. From April, Shotgun subscribers will also be able to use RV, Tweak Software’s image and image-sequence viewer, at no extra cost.

Two new subscription packages
Which version of RV you get depends on how much you pay, since Shotgun subs now come in two flavours.

A $30/month ‘Awesome’ account entitles you to email and online support, and gets you RV; a $50/month ‘Super Awesome’ account adds videoconference support and direct access to engineers, and gets you RV and RV-SDI.

The first step towards integrating Shotgun and RV?
Including Shotgun and RV in a single subscription hints at the closer integration between the products mooted when Autodesk, Shotgun’s parent firm, bought RV developer Tweak Software last month.

However, in its news release announcing the new subscriptions, Shotgun notes that RV will still be supported as a standalone tool, and that pricing for all of the standalone versions and bundles remains the same.

Read full details of the new Shotgun subscription packages on Shotgun Software’s website