Monday, January 26th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get a permanent free copy of Corona Renderer for Max

An overview of Corona Renderer for 3ds Max Alpha 6 , recorded for Max Cookie. Developer Render Legion has just announced that Alpha 6 of the production renderer will remain free forever, and licensed for commercial use.

Alpha 6 of Corona Renderer for 3ds Max will remain free forever, even after the software has officially been released, developer Render Legion has announced.

Also available as a standalone app and a Cinema 4D version, the much-anticipated Corona is a fast, production-capable CPU-based biased/unbiased renderer.

So what do you get in Alpha 6?
Originally released in March 2014, Alpha 6 is a pretty generous choice for a perpetually free licence, since it’s the update that added distributed rendering, along with save/resume rendering and the physical camera.

It’s licensed for commercial use, and isn’t time-limited or feature-locked – but it is provided ‘as is’, so don’t expect bug fixes or support.

And when is Corona actually coming out?
Of course, that raises the big question: when is Corona officially going to be released? Originally scheduled for November, the current status (as of 23 January) is “no exact date yet … but as soon as possible”.

However, Render Legion has revamped the Corona Renderer website (it’s still an ongoing work, apparently), and launched a new support portal, so visible progress is being made.

Read a full list of features in Corona Renderer Alpha 6 for 3ds Max

Download the free Corona Renderer Alpha 6 for 3ds Max
(It should work with 3ds Max 2011 to 2015)