Tuesday, January 20th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mesh multiphysics systems in Blender with CubeSurfer

We first covered developer Jean-Francois ‘PyroEvil’ Gallant’s work on CG Channel a couple of years back, when he released Molecular: his multiphysics add-on for Blender.

At the time, Gallant noted that while the add-on could simulate materials ranging from sand to cloth, it needed a good particle mesher before the results were really usable.

Enter CubeSurfer: meshing for Molecular – or any other Blender particles
Now Gallant has taken a step towards that goal with the beta release of CubeSurfer, his new particle-meshing add-on for Blender, which Gallant says can “mesh … millions of particles in a few seconds”.

The video above shows CubeSurfer at work on materials ranging from water and wet snow. (The latter is a bit flickery: an issue Gallant says is fixed in the latest build.)

CubeSurfer is available for Blender on 32- and 64-bit Windows and Linux. To run it on Mac OS X, you will need to compile it from the source code. You can find “rough documentation” on how to use it on Gallant’s blog.

Download the CubeSurfer particle-meshing add-on for Blender

Read the development thread on the Blender Artists forum