Thursday, May 2nd, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Molecular add-on brings multiphysics to Blender

Developer Jean-Francois Gallant has released Molecular, a new add-on that brings multiphysics to Blender.

Two years in development, Molecular is capable of particle, fluid and cloth simulation – the latter two fairly low-resolution, admittedly, but capable of some pretty realistic behaviour nevertheless.

As Gallant points out, Blender still needs a good particle mesher before the results are really usable, but the teaser video above is still rather reminiscent of those for Softimage’s Lagoa Multiphysics.

The other demos in his YouTube channel, including ropes, sand and a ‘pasta machine’ are cool, too.

Molecular is currently available in beta for Windows and Linux: there’s no Mac build yet.

Download Molecular from Jean-Francois Gallant’s website

Watch more Molecular demos on Gallant’s YouTube channel