Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Björn Sonnenschein creates Natronizer for Blender


Blender tools developer Björn Sonnenschein has released Natronizer: a free add-on that live links the software to Natron, enabling users to edit Blender movie strips in the open-source compositor.

A faster alternative to Blender’s own compositor?
Natronizer effectively provides Blender users with an integrated alternative to Blender’s native compositor, enabling them to launch a Natron window from within Blender to edit a movie strip.

When a render preview is launched in Blender, Natronizer will also launch a Natron render and display the results in Blender’s Video Sequence Editor.

At final render time, the Natron project is pre-rendered before actual rendering starts in Blender.

According to Sonnenschein: “[Blender] is my favorite application for editing videos, but the internal compositor is too slow for visual effects work and complex color grading, [so] I have decided to use Natron for that.”

Natronizer is avaiable for Blender and Natron 2. So far, it’s only been confirmed to work on Linux, so if you’re using Windows or OS X, it’s worth checking out the threads linked below.

Download Natronizer from the add-on’s release thread on

Read more about Natronizer on the Natron forum