Thursday, July 3rd, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

RebelHill releases RHiggit! V2 for LightWave

RebelHill – aka TD Craig Monins – has released RHiggit! V2, a major update to the popular suite of LightWave rigging and animation workflow tools, used on projects like Wes Ball’s Ruin.

Powerful customisable rigs from components
RHiggit! enables users to build rigs from a set of presets – including humanoids, quadrupeds, birds, bats, arachnids and a range of dinosaurs – or by mixing and matching modular components.

The results are customisable via LightWave’s native tools or RHiggit!’s own semi-automated toolset, and may be shared with any other LightWave user.

The software also includes an animation toolbox to speed up common workflow tasks, and the option to retarget motion capture data to any RHiggit! rig.

You can see the workflow in action in the video above – very nicely timed to the music, we should add – or check out video demos of the individual features on the RHiggit! YouTube channel.

Pricing and availability
RHiggit! V2 is available now for LightWave 11.0 and above.

A Pro licence costs £160 (around $275); a Studio licence, which includes unlimited seats, plus tools for use by animators outside the studio, costs £999 ($1,715). There are also feature-limited Lite and Free editions.

Read more about RHiggit! V2 on the RebelHill website