Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Faceware Technologies partners Vicon

Vicon’s head-mounted Cara facial mocap system. The developer has just partnered with Faceware Technologies to make the rig compatible with Faceware’s Analyzer and Retargeter software when used in a single-camera setup.

In a move that brings the worlds of markerless and marker-based motion capture a step closer together, markerless facial capture specialist Faceware Technologies has entered a global partnership with Vicon.

The immediate result is that Faceware’s Analyzer and Retargeter software now work with Vicon’s previously marker-based Cara head rig when used in a single-camera configuration.

Faceware continues also to offer Headcam, its own head-mounted camera system.

A simpler performance-capture pipeline
“[Vicon’s] systems complement ours, and in many cases, are used alongside our software and hardware products,” said Faceware VP Peter Busch. “The main goal of this global partnership is to simplify the mocap process.”

The official news announcement doesn’t provide much information about longer-term plans, but notes that the two firms have started discussing “additional integrations” between their hardware and software solutions.

Read the official news release on Faceware Technologies’ website