Friday, December 6th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

The Foundry ships Nuke 8.0

Originally posted on 13 September 2013. Scroll down for updates.

The Foundry has announced Nuke 8.0, the latest update to its industry-standard compositing system, introducing new 3D tools and features designed to make Nuke more intuitive to users of other compositors.

The new features will be on display at IBC 2013 this week.

New 3D tools, overhauled Dope Sheet and better Deep Compositing
In the category of ‘features familiar from other compositors’, Nuke 8.0 gets an in-panel colour wheel and other UI changes to the colour controls, a new Text node, and a ‘huge’ update to the Dope Sheet.

The latter enables artists to view scripts through the timeline.

The new 3D tools include Viewer Capture, which enables artists to flipbook images from the viewer, new Edit Geo and Particle Cache nodes, and a Wireframe Shader node for increased control over projection mapping.

The Deep Compositing workflow introduced in Nuke 7.0 is extended by support for deep output in the Scanline renderer; and there is also support for the new features in OpenEXR 2.0 and Alembic 1.5.

New tools for NukeX users
As usual, users of NukeX get a number of exclusive features, including a new Match Grade node; updates to the Camera Tracker “to make set solves even more simple within one integrated environment”; and support for UV creation within the Model Builder.

Also announced: Hiero 1.8
Hiero, Nuke’s companion timeline tool, will also get an update, albeit a smaller one.

Hiero 1.8 will feature “enhanced playback performance, innovative quicktime colour handling controls [and] new editing audio controls that give users access to Per Track and Per Item Volume Controls.”

Both updates are due out “later this year”.

Updated 27 November: The Foundry has posted three sneak peek videos on its YouTube channel. The new wireframe shader is shown above; other videos cover the full frame viewer mode and in-panel colour wheels.

Updated 6 December: Nuke 8 is shipping. The Foundry has created a dedicated webpage devoted to the release, on which you can read about the new features in detail, and see videos of the highlights.

Pricing of the standard edition of Nuke 8.0 remains unchanged at $4,155 (excluding VAT); that of NukeX 8.0 rises slightly to $8,070 (excluding VAT).

Read more about the new features in Nuke 8.0 on The Foundry’s website