Friday, November 15th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Insydium announces X-Particles 2.5 for Cinema 4D

Version 2.5 of X-Particles, Insydium’s Cinema 4D particle simulation plugin will support wet maps, alongside new particle painting and fragmentation tools. See more videos of new features on Insydium’s Vimeo channel.

Insydium – aka developers Steve Pedler and Mike Batchelor – has announced X-Particles 2.5, a sizeable update to its Cinema 4D particle simulation plugin.

Fragmentation, wet maps, foam and spray
New features in the release will include the Fragmenter object, which turns the faces of any polygonal mesh into controllable particles, and a new particle painting system.

There is also a new Wet Map Tag and associated shader, for creating custom particle-to-surface interactions.

The existing fluid-simulation system has been overhauled, adding support for diffuse particles such as spray and foam, surface repulsion and attraction, and enhancements to viscosity and vorticity.

Improved caching and other performance boosts
The plugin’s caching system has been completely revised, adding the option to selectively include or exclude objects from caches and retime simulations. Caching now supports RealFlow’s native .bin format.

Other toolsets have been extended, including new options for the Emitter object, additional Modifiers, and support for multi-pass rendering; and there are the usual range of smaller enhancements and speed boosts.

Pricing and availability
X-Particles 2.5 is due to ship on 25 November, and will be free to registered users of version 2.0. Until 31 December, new licences cost €149 (around $200) for the standard edition and €249 ($335) for the pro edition.

Read a full list of new features in X-Particles 2.5

Visit the X-Particles 2.5 page on Insydium’s website