Tuesday, December 1st, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Insydium releases X-Particles 3.5

Insydium has released X-Particles 3.5, the latest update to its versatile Cinema 4D particle simulation tool. The update adds a new trail deformer and audio-driven modifier, and cuts the price of floating licences.

New audio modifier and trail deformer, illumination-based emission and better grouping
New features in version 3.5 include the new xpSound Modifier (above), which enables audio to drive particles’ speed, colour, size and other parameters for instant music visualisation.

The update also adds a new Trail Deformer, while the existing xpFollowPath Modifier now has direct access to Cinema 4D’s MoGraph Cloner, enabling users to use closed splines within a Cloner object.

In addition, Cinema 4D lights can trigger particle emission from surfaces; particles can be used as single falloff objects; and the group object now has three modes, from display only to control over particle properties.

Pricing and availability
X-Particles 3.5 is available now for any 64-bit edition of Cinema 4D R13 and above, on Windows and OS X. The update is free to registered users.

Indsydium has also simplified the pricing of new licences of the software, dispensing with the old £340 node-locked licence, and reducing the price of floating licences from £440 to £390 (around $590).

For studios, there is also a new multi-seat option that doesn’t require an active internet connection.

Read a full list of new features in X-Particles 3.5 on the product website