Thursday, June 6th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Milan Suk releases BulletSOP 2.0 for Houdini

Developer Milan Suk has released BulletSOP 2.0, a free tool for creating large rigid-body simulations inside Houdini using the Bullet physics toolset.

BulletSOP includes a number of advanced simulation features, including support for convex and compound hulls, geometry decomposition, instancing, and constraints, collision groups, point radius forces and object forces.

The tool comes with a set of sample scenes, and is available with Houdini 12.5.376 for Windows or Linux: older or later builds may work, but Suk says that he can’t guarantee compatibility.

The results look good: a video created with an earlier beta of the tool shows 100,000-object simulations, and Suk has just posted WIP videos of a more complex destruction shot for the BulletSOP trailer.

Updated 23 July: Milan Suk has reduced the price of the BulletSOP source code from $4,999 to $599. The binary itself remains free.

Updated 7 November: BulletSOP has been updated to support the recently released Houdini 13.

Download the current version of BulletSOP 2.0

Read the original release thread (More information about the tool)