Thursday, April 18th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: the Unity GDC 2013 showreel

We’re late to the party with this once, since it was released last week. But it’s only just popped up on forums, and surprisingly few people have watched it so far, so… Unity Technologies has posted its Unity GDC showreel.

Unlike, say, the recent Unreal Engine 4 demo, don’t expect particle and polygon counts that suggest that the art team was either overcompensating for something, or just really, really likes torturing processors.

Instead, it’s the diversity of art styles and variety of platforms that really impresses.

The reel kicks off with Angry Birds spin-off Bad Piggies, takes an immediate left turn through Windows RPG Wasteland 2 and sprints through the indie genres, winding up at iOS/Android zombie shooter Dead Trigger 2.

There are no console titles, but at 12 games in just under two minutes, you’d have to say this is a pretty concise – and pretty compelling – pitch for the Unity engine’s capabilities.

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