Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Vitaly Bulgarov’s Black Phoenix project


Day 7 in Vitaly Bulgarov’s Black Phoenix Project. The Blizzard artist speed modelling a mech a day for ten days.

Blizzard cinematic artist Vitaly Bulgarov has just completed his Black Phoenix Project, in which he attempted to model, texture and render a new mech design a day every day for 10 days, without preliminary 2D sketches.

(In the end, he took two days over the ninth mech, so he created a bonus design to make up. Aww.)

Fictional killing machines go big in Japan
Bulgarov describes Black Phoenix as “a fictional military corporation that manufactures robots in a not-so-distant future” – but it seems that not everyone quite picked up on the concept.

Kotaku has just posted a story about the renders doing the rounds on social media in Japan in the belief that they showed real US military technology.

Not speaking Japanese, we can’t confirm this ourselves, but gullible Twitter users aside, it’s an incredible achievement in speed modelling. Go check out the images on Bulgarov’s website via the link below.

See all ten days of mechs on Vitaly Bulgarov’s website