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Autodesk releases ExplodeGeometry for Max

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013 | Posted by Jim Thacker


Autodesk Labs’ Plugins of the Month tend to be for AutoCAD or Inventor, so it’s always a nice to see a more familiar software package. And, as a further bonus, this month’s plugin is designed to blow stuff up.

ExplodeGeometry is a 3ds Max plugin developed by Autodesk principal developer consultant Kevin Vandecar from a customer script developed by 3ds Max application engineer Louis Marcoux.

It enables a user to select one or more nodes in a 3ds Max scene and create ‘exploded’ geometry with “options to add modifiers to enhance the finished geometry to meet a variety of needs”.

As with all ADN plugins, it comes with source code, so you can see how it was created. No demo video, alas.

Download ExplodeGeometry from Autodesk Labs

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