Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe cuts Aussie prices ahead of government probe

Adobe’s current Australian pricing for subscriptions to its Creative Cloud service. The prices have just been brought in line with those in the US, two days after the company was summoned to a government enquiry.

Adobe has cut the price of Australian subscriptions to its Creative Cloud service just two days after being summoned to appear at a government enquiry to explain why local users pay so much for its products.

Pricing has long been a sore point with artists in Australia, who historically pay far more for their software than their counterparts in North America.

Adobe’s official statement confirms that the price of a monthly cloud subscription has been reduced to AU$49.99, down from AU$62.99, but does not mention the public hearing:

“As Adobe continues to attract membership to its cloud offerings, it is evolving its product offering to provide increased value to subscribers, including new pricing for customers in Australia and New Zealand. Creative Cloud membership pricing in Australia for individuals has been reduced to AU$49.99 on an annual subscription per month for new and current customers, effective immediately.”

The price of an annual subscription has also been cut from AU$94.99 to AU$74.99.

What about boxed copies?
The move brings the cost of an Australian cloud subscription in line with that of one taken out in the US, although at current exchange rates, even the new prices work out at over a dollar more.

When, or whether, the same will apply to physical products is less certain: at present, a copy of Photoshop CS6 costs US$699 in Adobe’s US online store, but AU$1,168 including tax in Adobe’s Australian store.

At current rates of exchange, US$699 is equivalent to just over AU$675.

The Sydney Morning Herald quotes an Adobe Australia representative as saying that the reason for this continuing price differential is that the company is “eventually moving away from boxed copies”.

Will other large software developers follow suit?
Adobe isn’t the only large software company to have operated this kind of pricing policy. Apple and Microsoft have both also been summoned to the parliamentary hearing, which is scheduled for 22 March.

And in the world of 3D, Autodesk’s recommended Australian price for a seat of 3ds Max 2013 is AU$5,175. At current rates of exchange, the US equivalent of US$3,675 works out around AU$3,555 – over AU$1,600 cheaper.