Monday, November 5th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ex-Framestore TD creates free reference-sharing tool

Former Framestore and Weta Digital FX TD Guillaume Fradin has released Everytime: a new tool to help directors and visual effects artists collect, organise and share reference material.

Everytime enables users to bookmark sections of videos on YouTube, Vimeo or stored locally, or Soundcloud tracks. You can then create mixed playlists, adding images or notes, and invite other people to share them.

To bookmark offline media, you’ll need to have the Everytime desktop app, Dropbox and VLC media player installed. The desktop app is currently Windows-only.

Playlists are publicly visible unless you upgrade to a Premium account, which costs from $6 per month.

More features to come
Everytime is still in its early days: Fradin in currently working on the option to adjust the duration of items in playlists automatically, or to export a playlist as a an EDL, for example.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting tool, and one worth checking playing around with for yourself.

Visit the Everytime website