Friday, June 17th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk launches free online file-sharing service

Autodesk Labs has launched an experimental new cloud-based file-sharing service aimed at designers.

The Project Nitrous technology preview provides users with 1GB of free online storage, which can be shared with clients or collaborators, offering a range of tools for managing access.

In practice, the system sounds similar to, but less powerful than, online collaboration services such as Dropbox (which offers 2GB of free storage) – but does includes a system for viewing 3D DWF files online.

Still, free storage isn’t to be sneezed at, and anyone who regularly uses Dropbox or free online FTP services like YouSendIt or Adobe’s SendNow to communicate remotely with clients will welcome the extra capacity.

The Project Nitrous technology preview is available until 27 September.

Visit the Project Nitrous website

Note: Both Project Nitrous and Dropbox come with no or limited liability conditions that may limit their use for commercially sensitive material. Read Project Nitrous’ conditions of use here.