Monday, November 26th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Allan McKay releases two new free FumeFX tutorials

VFX supervisor Allan McKay has released two new video tutorials for 3ds Max fluid dynamics system FumeFX.

The first video (above) draws on an actual production – the video for Young Empires’ White Doves – focusing on a single shot in which a trail of fire burns across a factory floor.

In the video, McKay explores the issues of control and art directability that apply to many real-world fire sims. You can see the finished shot at 3:33 in the completed promo.

The second video explores how to use FumeFX 3’s Effectors to control the local structure of a simulation: a toolset that McKay describes as one of the release’s most powerful, but least understood, features.

The video lasts just under 40 minutes, and McKay comments that he will be releasing more training soon.

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