Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Marvel’s first Iron Man 3 trailer

Marvel has released its first official trailer for Iron Man 3, suggesting a softer, more caring side to everyone’s favourite cybernetically enhanced wisecracking jerk.

The first half of the trailer is mainly live action, and suggests something of the man behind Tony Stark’s mask. (Or at least, that he’s less eminently punchable than he was in The Avengers.)

But it’s the second half, which includes some longish shots of a collapsing building, that’s of interest from a technical point of view, and hints that the VFX is in safe hands, despite a switch of vendors from ILM.

(The usually authoritative Cinefex lists only Scanline VFX and The Third Floor this time out.)

It’s still too early to tell anything very much about the movie, which isn’t due for release until next April. But on this showing, we’re at least moderately optimistic.