Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Coolorus releases colour wheel for Adobe tools

A user-created demo of the Coolorus colour wheel, recorded earlier this year when the tool was in free beta.

The Coolorus team has released its self-titled add-on for Adobe software after a period in free open beta. Coolorus puts a Painter-style colour wheel in Photoshop and Flash.

Users can switch between various alternative wheel layouts and between background and stroke colour; see complementary colours at a glance; and use shortcuts for common colour-selection tasks.

And that’s essentially it. But at $9.99, Coolorus will hardly break the bank if you do want the functionality.

The add-on runs on Photoshop and Flash CS4+ on Windows and Mac OS X, with support for CS3 to come.

Rather neatly, the Coolorus website lets you use the colour wheel – or at least an online replica of it – to change the text colour, although there is also a more conventional downloadable demo.

Read more about Coolorus on the developer’s website (Includes download links for the trial versions)