Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Adobe adds new 3D features to Flash Player 11

Adobe has made Flash Player 11 available for download, including its new Stage3D rendering API.

Stage3D raises the geometry count that can be rendered in real time in Flash Player from thousands of non-buffered triangles to hundreds of thousands of Z-buffered triangles.

The update also raises resolution and frame rate to full-screen HD at 60fps.

Adobe has been talking up these new 3D capabilities, promising “console quality” games in Flash – although, so far, all we’ve seen are the usual run of casual games and interactive ads.

However, its in-house tests look interesting, such as the trial of real-time particles above. One to watch.

Updated 2021: Adobe has now discontinued Flash Player, ending product support on 31 December 2020.