Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Ambiera releases CopperCube 3.0

Early support for Adobe’s Stage3D API (then codenamed ‘Molehill’) in CopperCube 2.5.
Version 3.0 of the interactive 3D authoring tool adds the functionality as standard.

No sooner has Adobe released Flash Player 11 than developers have started to release tools to take advantage of the expanded 3D functionality promised by its new Stage3D API.

First up is CopperCube 3.0, the latest update to Ambiera’s tool for authoring interactive online applications.

According to Ambiera: “CopperCube 3 now gives the possibility to use [Stage3D] without the need to write any code in any programming language. You can create games, 3D model viewers, architectural visualizations and product configurators without programming.”

Other new features in the update include dynamic lights, double-sided materials, improved polygon-editing tools, and increased scope for JavaScript scripting. The software costs €99 (around $130).

Visit the CopperCube homepage