Friday, October 12th, 2012 Posted by CG Channel Administration

Blur launches Kickstarter campaign for The Goon

When I saw the reel above two years ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement. A CG zombie action/horror/comedy based on Eric Powell’s comic, and developed in partnership with David Fincher? I was instantly sold.

But Hollywood didn’t feel the same way: Blur’s animated feature The Goon never got picked up for production.

So instead, Blur Studio has turned to the fans and the general public for support, launching a Kickstarter campaign through which you can support the film. That’s right: you can help bring The Goon to the big screen!

Blur is looking for $400,000 to create a full-length story reel for the movie: a rough edit of the storyboards together with music and sound effects.

Whether you contribute $10 or $1,000 – or even $10,000 – it all helps to get The Goon made. Plus, there are the usual range of nifty Kickstarter incentives available. Let’s make this happen.

Contribute to The Goon story reel via Kickstarter