Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

PipelineFX ships Qube! 6.4

Qube! MobileView: PipelineFX’s new remote monitoring app for its renderfarm-management system.

PipelineFX has released an update to its Qube! renderfarm management system, incorporating its new MobileView app for monitoring a farm via a smartphone or web browser.

Other new features in Qube! 6.4 include additional reporting functionality and admin tools.

PipelineFX, makers of Qube!, the leading render farm management software for digital media creation, announced today the release of Qube! version 6.4. Along with new tools for smart farming, system supervisors can now access Qube! via their smartphones (MobileView), set priority limits for non-privileged users, and control how much of their workstation will be available to the render farm. All with what often amounts to a single click of their mouse.

The promotion of intelligent render farm software affords farm supervisors the power to shape the destiny of their system. An addition like QBLocker, which enables artists to easily add their workstation to the render farm at the CPU core level, or reclaim their workstation when they need all of its resources, maximizes an organization’s rendering power by harnessing every available COU core hour. Qube! 6.4’s new priority limits also follow this line as they give administrators the ability to limit the amount of control an artist or student has around setting task priority. Unnecessary competition between artists and render wranglers is over.

Other Key Additions Include:

  • Qube! MobileView (first released in July): access the render farm remotely with a free mobile app, or through a light-weight web server that creates mobile-enhanced web pages from any machine in the facility.
  • Reporting Functionality: will display the reasons why a job is pending, allowing for quick and easy troubleshooting.
  • New Administration Tools: GUI-based worker removal with a right mouse click; MySQL Check/Repair applied from inside the Qube! GUI; and “Studio Overrides” that let a system admin set up GUI preferences and defaults for the entire studio.
  • More Job Types: Qube 6.4 adds Dynamic Allocation for Nuke and Houdini, eliminating the need for multiple start-ups or excessive data transfer times; improved Vray support for DBR (Distributed Bucket Rendering); as well as enhanced render elements support, better logging, and more effective termination of 3ds Max jobs.

Pricing and Availability
Customers currently on subscription can download version 6.4 immediately from the PipelineFX ftp site. Please contact to request a 6.4 license.

Read more about Qube! on the PipelineFX website