Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Verold to add animation support to Verold Studio
Keyframe animation support is now in beta in Verold Studio. See more videos explaining the new online platform for sharing and reviewing high-density 3D assets on Verold’s YouTube channel.

Verold has announced animation support for Verold Studio, its online platform for displaying and reviewing high-density 3D assets interactively.

As we reported last month, the developer – which also created ZBrush’s QRemesher retopology tools – has launched a free version of the system, which lets you upload three models, with a Pro version to come.

A widget enables you to embed the models in blogs and forum posts.

Beta test the animation system
Now Verold is looking for beta testers for its new animation system. The demo video shows a user scrubbing through an animation while moving the camera around the scene and toggling display modes.

The scene shown is a very simple one, so we’re not sure how the system would cope with anything more complex – but then, that’s what beta testing is for.

You can sign up for the beta via the contact address given in the blog post below. It dates from earlier this month, but the call for testers was repeated in the newsletter sent out yesterday.

Sign up to beta test Verold Studio