Thursday, July 26th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Verold Studio Widget puts ZBrush models into blogs
Preparing a ZBrush model for real-time web viewing in Verold Studio. The new web-based service includes a widget for embedding high-poly sculpts into blogs, websites and forum posts in an interactive 3D viewer.

Verold has developed Verold Studio Widget, a new… uh, widget that enables users to display high-resolution ZBrush sculpts in full interactive 3D form in blogs, websites and forum posts.

Best known for creating the QRemesher retopology tools released today in ZBrush 4R4, the developer is now working on Verold Studio, a web-based platform for sharing 3D content.

The commercial Pro version has yet to be released, but you can sign in for free and upload three of your own models. The system then automatically generates embed code that can be pasted into forum posts.

We would show you it in action, but *cough* the CG Channel site doesn’t play nicely with iframe tags *cough*. However, the viewer seems to work smoothly, with low loading times, even on the 4-million-poly demo model.

You can try it for yourself via the links below.

Read more about the Verold Studio Widget on the company’s blog

Register for the free version of Verold Studio