Wednesday, July 25th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Thinkbox Software announces Deadline 6.0

Thinkbox Software has announced its latest update to Deadline, its renderfarm management solution.

On top of the support for distributed renderfarms added in the previous release, Deadline 6.0 builds in integration with third-party cloud render services.

The GUI has also been overhauled, partly with the aim of standardising workflow across the Windows, Mac OS X and Linux versions of the software.

Deadline 6.0 will be unveiled at Siggraph 2012 next month, although we’re not sure if that’s when it will actually ship, or if there are any changes the the current pricing of $185 per node.

Updated 26 July: We’ve been in touch with Thinkbox, who confirm that there are no pricing changes planned. Deadline 6.0 will enter beta after Siggaph, with a full release “once our clients give us the okay!”

Thinkbox Software announced the updated version of the company’s popular render farm management solution for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX-based render farms, Deadline 6.0. Deadline 6.0 will be unveiled at the SIGGRAPH Conference at the Thinkbox Software booth (#937), at the Los Angeles Convention Center August 7-9, 2012.

Deadline is a hassle-free render queue management solution that offers a host of options for render farms of all sizes, and the flexibility to run the software on the industry?s widest range of platforms and rendering packages. The latest version of the popular tool enhances user performance and lays the foundation for the next generation of render management capabilities.

Key new features in Deadline 6.0 include:

  • Redesigned GUI
    New interface allows efficient and complete control over how data is viewed and the data is constantly live so there is almost zero refresh delay.
  • Back-end Flexibility
    Redesigned back-end architecture supports multiple database models for broad scalability and data security.
  • Cloud Support
    Integrates with third party cloud services so users can now directly control and manipulate remote slave renderers.
  • Improved Cross-Platform Compatibility
    Completely revised interface across all platforms enables a consistent, robust and flexible user experience across Linux, Windows and Mac OS

?Performance was a major goal when we were developing Deadline 6.0,? said Chris Bond, Founder, CEO and President of Thinkbox Software. ?The Deadline 6.0 repository can now be run in the cloud which gives the users flexibility of using cloud computing resources, local machines or any combination they desire to process their tasks. The monitor operates in real time and is constantly refreshed for the most accurate view of the data both locally and from multiple physical locations. In addition to being cloud-friendly, the new back-end architecture also allows you maximum performance, reliability and security.?

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