Saturday, July 14th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

New Hair Factory plugin gets Blender hair into Unity

Blender hair in action. New plugin Hair Factory converts Blender’s particle-based hair to FBX for export to Unity. Tutorial from DnBastard, via YouTube. (Note: the video shows Blender hair in general, not Hair Factory.)

BlenderNation has just posted a link to Hair Factory, a nifty new plugin for converting Blender’s particle-based hair into low-poly geometry for use in Unity. Export is via the FBX file format.

And that’s all the information we have, other than that the developer is using the rather catchy slogan: ‘Stop low-poly character baldness today!’ Go check it out for yourself via the links below.

Read the full discussion thread on BlenderNation

Download Hair Factory from Blend Swap