Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Wayne Robson to ship two cool free Mudbox tools

MudWalkerX and ReDucto in action. Artist Wayne Robson is releasing both Mudbox tools for free.

Wayne Robson has announced two cool free tools for Mudbox users.

The first is a new version of his free MudWalker plugin suite. Originally released in 2009, but later placed on hold, MudWalker enables data to be sent back and forth to other key applications, now including 3D-Coat.

The new release, MudWalkerX, also includes AI-driven options for splitting models into parts, intended to speed up the process of preparing sculpts for 3D printing.

In addition, the release adds an option to hotkey every object in a scene to the highest or lowest subdivision level and create a multi-application file structure.

Introducing ReDucto
The release also comes with a separate polygon-reduction tool, ReDucto: a modified version of the system Robson uses for his own sculpts.

Robson comments that ReDucto, which is optimised for high-detail sculpts, “is not the fastest polygon-reduction [tool around], but I can promise you it is the best”.

ReDucto also features an AI-driven system for filling “impossible” holes in meshes prior to printing, a mesh merging option for high-polycount databases, and the option to bake ambient occlusion and normal map data to a mesh at vertex level.

The releases come with some smaller bonus tools, including a drag-and-drop model viewer, and tools for resolving common Mudbox problems and backing up and restoring scene settings.

The tools can be downloaded for free from Robson’s Psycho Core website on the condition that “there are no emails begging for new features or to ask for tech support”. All are Windows-only.

Updated 15 May: The download link is now live on the Psycho Core website.

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