Friday, January 20th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

See Wayne Robson Mudbox training DVDs for free

Part 1 of Wayne Robson’s Minotaur tutorial from the Mudbox Masterclass series. The video, like the vast majority of Robson’s training DVDs, has just been made available to view for free online at Mudbox Live.

If you use Mudbox, you’re almost certain to know the work of Wayne Robson, the only Autodesk Master for the software, and the man behind most of the best training available for it.

If so, you’re about to get a late Christmas present: Robson is making all of his Mudbox training DVDs (or the ten of them not “so old they are useless to anyone except an archaeologist”, at any rate) available for free online.

The videos are currently being uploaded to a new site, Mudbox Live, which you can find via the link below. Three are currently available: expect to see the rest follow gradually.

Big shout out to Cris Robson from training site 3D-Palace, who is handling the logistics of the upload.

See Wayne Robson’s training videos on Mudbox Live

Read the announcement on Wayne Robson’s blog

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