Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Next Limit announces RealFlow 2013

RealFlow 2013 in action. You can see 11 more test simulations via the link at the foot of this story.

Next Limit has officially announced RealFlow 2013, the latest update to its industry-standard fluid simulator.

In addition to the new Hybrido 2 fluid solver, previewed earlier this year, the update adds RealFlow Graph: a node-based interface for linking scene elements.

Simulation Graphs can be created at any point during a simulation to extract or modify data from the scene.

There are also performance improvements to the Caronte dynamics toolset, the RenderKit rendering toolset and the viewport display “even when working with millions of particles”.

The release will also enable users to export both geometry and particles in the new open-source Alembic file format: a feat Next Limit claims is unique to RealFlow.

No official release date or pricing has been announced, but if you’re attending fmx 2012 today, you can catch a technology preview at 16.00, local time.

In a separate announcement earlier this week, Next Limit introduced a set of new RealFlow Product Packs, offering studios discounts on bulk purchases of the software.

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