Friday, February 3rd, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sneak peek: RealFlow 2013

Luis Miguel Mora from Next Limit has posted five preview videos showing the new Hybrido 2 solver from RealFlow 2013 in action. The update to Next Limit’s fluid simulation software will be out later this year.

The videos show the 80-million-particle simulation above, and four different objects (a swimmer, a shark, a tyre and a skidding car) interacting with a liquid surface.

According to Mora’s blog: “The new solver is an implicit solver, as opposite to the current one which is an explicit solver. Implicit solver means that just only a few simulation steps per frame are needed, and this means, of course, faster simulations.”

“It means also that ‘bounciness’ is totally removed. The current solver needs many many simulation steps if you want to remove ‘bounciness’, and even doing it you can’t remove it completely.”

Read Luis Miguel Mora’s full blog post

Watch the other Hybrido 2 demo videos on Vimeo