Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Next Limit to cut price of RealFlow

Viscous fluid simulation in RealFlow 2014’s Hybrido 2 engine. Next Limit has announced that the upcoming release of the fluid simulator, due out later this year, will include a new, lower-priced node-locked licence type.

Next Limit has announced that it is to “slash” the price of RealFlow on the release of RealFlow 2014, due later this year. The announcement was made at last week’s FMX 2014 conference.

Strictly, it’s more a case of “introduce a new, cheaper licence type” than of slashing prices: in addition to its existing $3,995 floating licence, RealFlow is adding a new $2,500 node-locked licence.

However, the general effect is the same, and since floating licences will also include a free node, we doubt anyone will be complaining.

The RealFlow RenderKit, which enables users to export simulations to a range of host applications without meshing the particles first, will also become “free and unlimited”. It previously cost $200 per licence.

The release date for RealFlow 2014 hasn’t been confirmed yet. Next Limit says it will be “very soon”.

Watch preview videos of RealFlow 2014 on Next Limit’s YouTube channel